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ZHUZHOU SINOCEAN TOOLS CO.,LTD  a China professional manufacturer and supplier of Carbide Cutting Tools / HSS Cutting Tools for Turning, Milling, Threading, Boring, Drilling, Slotting etc. in Machinery and Engineering industry; Rock and Mining fields and so on.
Tungsten Carbide (or Cemented Carbide) Cutting Tools are able to endure higher cutting temperatures and permit higher speed cutting. Tungsten carbide cutting tools for the
industrial processes of turning, milling and drilling or in other applications where high hardness is required. We produce carbide inserts, carbide rods, carbide flat bars,
carbide burrs, carbide dies, carbide blade, carbide drills,and carbide buttons and so on other carbide cutting tools, used for processes of turning, milling, drilling, etc.
High Speed Steel (often abbreviated HSS) Cutting Tools are used in drilling, milling, turning, threading, boring, broaching, gear cutting and many other machining operations.
High Speed Steel is used for form tools, slitter knives, guillotine knives, parting tools and many other types of cutting tools. High Speed Steel cutting tools are used in all
phases of production and are widely used in both machine tools and in portable machine tools.

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Carbide Turning Inserts / Shims
Solid Carbide End Mills
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Carbide Threading Inserts
Threading Roll Cylinder Dies
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